Best Java Profiler

Best profiler on the market for Java developers. Performance of algorithms can be improved by knowing all information on memory footprint. This tool brings light to complex architecture and how it performs and help you to make it better.


Best Java IDE

IntelliJ IDEA focus on developer productivity.  Unlike Eclipse (IDE platform made of plugins), IDEA is designed only for Java development and related technologies.  Features are endless, many available plugins that actually works! Give it a try with the community edition, but I recommend the Ultimate edition.


Best MongoDB IDE

Studio 3T helps developer on every aspect of MongoDb management and queries desing.  It works for a single database or a cluster of shards.  It supports latest MongoDB version and provides intuitive UI for building queries.  You can design with autocompletion, debug your aggregate pipeline, profile and analyze the execution plan.  This is just the best there is at the moment.